Restoran Kod Ive
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About Us

Restaurant "Kod Ive" was founded in 1991 with the aim to make the lovers of our national cuisine provide supreme pleasure the specialties that are singled out Serbia on the culinary map of Europe.


Whether you are a fan of barbecue, whether it's your choice of corn bread with cream cheese, or perhaps stick to the lamb, we are sure you will find our rich offer something that will trigger all your senses. And if you add a large selection of spirits and wines, then the pleasure is complete.


Therefore, if you are looking for good food and friendly atmosphere we suggest you start here ...

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Spasovdanska 3, Beograd, Srbija


Working Hours:
Monday - Saturday
09:00 23:00

T: +381 11 2513 412


Working Hours:
Monday - Friday
09:00 04:00
09:00 05:00

T: +381 63 6666 10